Nairn Friemann, Purchase College, SUNY Continuing Education Instructor, is Honored as RESA’s 2012 Professional Stager of the Year

Nairn Friemann, the instructor for the CSP™ Home Staging Certification as well as the CSP™ Elite Staging Seminar for Real Estate Professionals, was recently honored as the Real Estate Staging Association’s (RESA) Professional Stager of the Year! We are honored to have this exceptionally talented Certified Staging Professional and trainer as an instructor at Purchase. Ms. Friemann is the president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., one of New York’s top home staging companies and has collaborated with agents and homeowners on the staging of over $600 million in sold real estate.

For more information about staging, check out her blog and CSP™’s weblog.

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Interior Design Students Visit Niermann Weeks at “What’s New What’s Next” in New York City

Interior Design Students Visit Niermann Weeks at “What’s New What’s Next” in New York City

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Interior Design Program Expanded

The Purchase College Interior Design Certificate Program has been expanded for 2011. Click here for a description as well as all of the courses that are required and ones taken as electives for this particular program.

Also,here are some good resources for those interested in Interior Design: Here is a general website for all kinds of news and videos focused on interior design. And below is a video showing what a day of work as an Interior Designer might be like.

by Adam Marciano

Architect Carol Kurth Wins AIA Award

Purchase College CE instructor Carol Kurth of Bedford was recently awarded a 2010 Design Award by the Westchester + Hudson Valley chapter of the American Institute of Architects .  The awards acknowledge “design excellence and the best architecture recently produced in the chapter area or by a chapter member,” said Raymond Beeler, a Pelham architect and a chairman of the awards committee quoted in Westchester Magazine’s “Open House” blog.

Kurth received the award for the Link House in Pound Ridge.  The house was one of her first projects and, in the years after it was built in 1983, was occupied and renovated by several different owners.  The current owners, a retired couple, commissioned her to return the house to its original style and add a guest suite and a large music room.  Since in this economic climate there are fewer new commissions for residential construction, Kurth told The New York Times “what we’re doing a lot of these days is breathing new life into homes.”  Following the current trend to simplify, she describes the house as having a “spa-like serenity.”

Alan Zale for The New York Times



Winter/Spring 2011 at Purchase College Continuing Education

Our Winter/Spring 2011 catalog is now available online.  Click here to see our latest course offerings.

Ian Carnow Talks About AutoCAD

Purchase College’s “Introduction to AutoCAD” instructor Ian Carnow explains that “AutoCAD is essentially a computerized drafting tool – but much much more than that.  It allows you to visualize designs in 2D and 3D as well as to manage and create complete documents that would otherwise be done by hand drafting.  AutoCAD is actually a brand name for Autodesk’s computer aided drafting product, it is the industry standard, but there are several competing products that also allow you to draft in the computer.
CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) is used in any field that needs drafted drawings – engineering, product manufacturing, architecture, interior design, parts design and manufacture – all these fields use CAD to produce their drawings and sometimes to model their buildings/products in 3D.”

Although Carnow’s father is an architect, Ian was not initially interested in architecture.  He  majored in Anthropology with a minor focus on photography and video.  “I was going to work for National Geographic shooting animals, etc. when I took a bit of a detour and ended up moving out to Seattle from NY to pursue a career in photography.  While I was out in Seattle, I met a co-worker at the graphic design company I worked for whose father was also an architect and who was at the time doing furniture design. The two of us would talk about the furniture designs he was doing and he would show me the CAD drawings he was doing – it seemed interesting.  I eventually moved back to NY and went to work with my father.  I started at the bottom of the company and needed to learn CAD to move up….”

Ian has set up a blog for his Purchase College students, and he also has written an AutoCAD blog.  According to the college’s Computing and Telecommunications Services (CTS), the college acquired simultaneous-use licenses for  the Autodesk Architectural design suite. Simultaneous use licenses mean that the software can be installed and made available on computer labs throughout the campus, and can be used up to the license quantity threshold. While the software supports specific classes, it is being made available everywhere.  The Autodesk Architecture and Engineering Suite includes AutoCAD, Inventor, Ecotect, and Revit.

Creating Beautiful Homes

Now that the weather is getting cooler and we’re spending more time indoors, thoughts turn to making our nests a bit cozier.  Purchase College’s Continuing Education shows the way!

A home designed by Purchase College CE’s Basic Drafting/Rendering  Techniques instructor Carol J. W. Kurth and Christine Lent was featured in Westchester Home‘s Fall 2010 issue.  The article “The  10 Most Beautiful Homes in Westchester ” opened with a two-page spread showing the Maplemoor, Sutton Farm, Chappaqua, which was built in 2003.

Creating a more beautiful home will be taught by Purchase College CE’s Home Staging and Rearranging instructor Linda Gauvin this Saturday.  Check out her website for some great before and after photos!

The Best Interior Design Blogs (Purchase College Continuing Education)

For all of you interested in interior designer, The Guardian recently announced its top five picks for the best interior design blogs. Unfortunately all our riveting interior design posts weren’t enough to make the list. It does however include an assortment of great interior design web logs including, The Selby, a Scandinavian design blog, Design Squish, a blog that focuses on sustainability in design, and my personal favorite, Apartment Therapy, which features great interior design spaces among other things. Click here to view Guardians entire list.

Certificate in Interior Design at Purchase College

Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, NY … This is Paula Baxter touching base with everyone. I’m looking forward to teaching “History of Decorative Arts” this month. I just have to finish my PowerPoints. Now this is a serious business. A survey history of interior design that moves from antiquity to the present merits a lot of images to show. But, I’ve learned through experience that looking at a blizzard of images doesn’t guarantee total recall. What is better is to show the right number of images with visual characteristics and cues that stick in the memory!

And I’m still determined that we’ll have fun in this course. I’m a fervent believer in educational entertainment. You’ll learn why Neoclassicism became the style of choice in revolutionary America, and later in revolutionary France. And I’ll show you the difference between a highboy and a lowboy, and, no, it has nothing to do with cocktails! Did you know that a previous Prince of Wales (with a rocky love life) was responsible for one of the greatest period styles? Or that misogynistic male Modernists helped create the look of our contemporary kitchens?

As if I don’t have enough to do, I’ve also embarked on a book which will be published next year by Schiffer Publishing. It’s my second book for them, the first was Southwest Indian Jewelry (2001). Before that one, I wrote The Encyclopedia of Native American Jewelry (Oryx, 2000). This new venture is to be called Southwestern Indian Rings, and will have around 350 color photographs. Such a work requires travel to the American Southwest, where I’ll be coordinating photography and interviewing Navajo and Pueblo artists. In March, it means attending the Heard Museum Guild Fair and Indian Market, where nearly 700 of the best artists show their works. Book research also calls me to the annual Santa Fe Indian Market in August.

This means, too, that I will be wearing my finest jewelry to class each week. I’ve been a  compulsive, crazed collector of this Indian jewelry since the late 1980s. So every week I’ll wear something different. Such an obsession was what got me into writing about the jewelry, too. I noted early on when I started collecting that there wasn’t all that much written about the subject. As an art librarian and educator, I thought “oh I should do something about this.” And just look at the trouble I’m in now. Don’t worry about me, however. I know exactly how to handle this situation. At these Indian fairs I go early, and spend the first two hours of the show in frantic running from booth to booth. I buy my objects of desire, and then revert to reporter-writer mode. Aren’t you glad I have my priorities straight?

Open House — Purchase College Continuing Education

On Thursday, February 4 from 6:30-8:30pm, we will be hosting our Spring 2010 Open House for our Professional Certificate Programs and Personal Enrichment Courses. Attendants will be able to meet with instructors to discuss our Spring certificate programs and courses, and register for classes, so save the date- February 4.

Location: Purchase College, Student Services Bldg., Room 0129. Park in the W1 parking and follow the signs.

RSVP: or call (914) 251-6500

Click here for more information